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Elliot Silber

R&D + Fermentation Specialist

Born and raised in Montreal, Elliot Silber has been in a professional kitchen since the moment he graduated high school in 2007. Silber has been experimenting with food and studying the science behind it for over a decade, holding a degree in Pure and Applied Science from Dawson College and Bachelor of Food Chemistry from McGill University. After working as a line cookand sous chef in Montreal at various restaurants, he enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York to sharpen and refine his skills. Following the receipt of anassociates degree, Silber took his culinary learnings around the country to many restaurantpositions, most notably as the Chef de Cuisine of Cockscomb in San Francisco. Having completed his CIA externship at Husk Restaurant, his move back to Nashville was inevitable, joining the team at Sean Brock’s Audrey as the R&D and Fermentation Lab Manager. 

With science and sustainability at the forefront of his mind, Silber’s favorite parts of cooking have always been experimentation and preservation. For him, developing new recipes and finding ways to utilize so-called waste products always came naturally, so diving into fermentation was the next logical step. Brock’s mission to have the biggest pantry in his kitchen and intentionally using every part of his ingredients always spoke to Silber, and he looks forward to bringing the “no such thing as waste” mentality to his current role. 

From pickling and canning to charcuterie and re-purposing past ferments, Silber is excited to use his science background and understanding of chemical processes, balanced with his fine dining and cooking expertise, to focus solely on product and ingredient development–responsibilities he always loved but rarely had the time for in his previous restaurant roles. Managing and working in a food science laboratory specifically designed by Brock right inside of Audrey, Silber describes his role as “the best job in the whole building.” When he’s not at the restaurant, Silber spends his time in the outdoors, hiking and foraging, hunting deer or turkey, and riding motorcycles with his wife.

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