When asked the overarching theme of Audrey, Brock answers with “I wanted to create a place where I’d want to work for the rest of my life. A place where we all leave happier.”

Prevalent in the restaurant’s cuisine is many of Brock’s deepest passions including his heritage growing up in the rural South, Appalachian cuisine, his love of Japanese culture, and the traditions impressed on him from his grandmother, the restaurant’s namesake.

The restaurant focuses on organic, biodynamic, and sustainable producers to provide all food and beverage. More than just a restaurant, Brock intends to push the limits of deliciousness through Audrey with the most state-of-the-art, food-focused research and development lab he has ever had at his disposal. 

Attention is also spotlighted on education and personal development through dedicated classroom and research spaces filled with his cookbook collection, mentorship programs, a podcast recording studio, and more—all found within Audrey. 

Certainly not least, special care is also taken to become a modern model of restaurant operations with a focus on employee wellbeing—mentally, physically, and financially—which can be seen through the implementation of paying 75 percent of employee benefits, staff programming, equal pay for cooks and servers, an on-site wellness room, and continued education.